Study English with «Open English»

The Year of Youth shows the world that the first generation of a new formation has grown in sovereign Kazakhstan. The main message of the Year of Youth is that young people are economy and social developmentdriver, the state has invested enough in them, and now it is time for young people to reach their potential.

To implement the message of the President, the government approved a roadmap for the Year of Youth, the purpose of which is to create conditions for young people to reach and develop their potential, to increase their competitiveness in all spheres of public life. It also provides for activities in 11 main areas. One of the areas is «Education», which plansto implement the«Open English» project.

         From April to the beginning of the spring session M. Kh. DulatyTaraz State University conducted free English courses for students of the Dormitory №1, as well asfor all who wish. This initiative is implemented by the volunteers of the «Foreign Languages»department, who approached the program creatively, i.e. used music and songs to introduce basic vocabulary and simple grammatical structures in their courses. The songs make using of the language fun, which creates inspiring and comfortable atmosphere. Songs are part of the life of young people, and songs in a foreign language are also a way of motivating and introducing students into the language environment.

Such modern songs as «Imagine dragons – Demons», «Boyce Avenue - We Can't Stop», «Taylor Swift - Back to December» helped to introduce and consolidate grammar: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future Simple, Comparatives and Superlatives, etc. and also study such lexical topics as Sport, Food and Cooking, Transport, Failure and Success.

         At present, students of the Technological Building and Dormitory №1 have attended the courses. Next year, volunteers plan to conduct similar courses for students of Hydrocomplex.

We should notethe great help of Irzhanova G. D. the director of the LIC in organizing these courses, who provided reading room for evening classes.

We hope that little by little our students will be able to perfectly master English and understand this wonderful language.

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M.A. Baiteliyeva, S.A. Kenzhemuratova

«Foreign languages»Departmentteachers