TarSU hosted a webinar “The culture of Academic writing”

On October 11, 2019, the National Office of the Erasmus + Program in Kazakhstan, together with the academic writing center of Nazarbayev University, conducted a webinar on the theme “The culture of Academic writing”.

The choice of topics for the webinar was due to the importance of academic writing in the field of education and science. As you know, writing scientific articles, applying for research grants and international projects require academic writing skills. Given that not all universities in Kazakhstan have Academic Writing Centers in their structure, whose functions include the development of such skills, the webinar was useful for a wide range of students.

The webinar was attended by university staff and teachers. Everyone who wants to read about the webinar material at https://events.webinar.ru/event/2785981/2835055/f58d143d86bb324027e6a7aac3df939f