Welcome to the «Polyglot» club!

The lingua-cultural club «Polyglot» at Taraz State University has already been operating for more than 10 years. It is always open for those who want to improve their English and spend time with like-minded people who enjoy learning it. The club began its work by the initiative of the «Foreign Languages» department. The purpose of the lingua-cultural club «Polyglot» is to improve English language skills through lively positive communication. Students can learn new facts about life and traditions of another country, meet interesting people and make new friends.

The atmosphere of the club is a comfortable space for free communication, where participants simply forget their anxieties about their imperfect knowledge of English. Attending meetings of the lingua-cultural club, students not only improve their training, but also make new friends, because all participants have a common goal - to learn to freely apply their knowledge to life. To date, there are more than 45 TarSU students, including students of TarSPU, who are also active participants.

With regard to the subject of meetings of the club, it is the most diverse. The presenters talk about relationship between people, moral and ethical norms and rules of behavior, studies, traditions and life values of different nations. They also discuss relevant global problems of society and nature harmonization, environmental protection.

In April  three club meetings were held. At one of them, students considered banknotes from different countries of the world. After all, banknotes are not only a means of payment, but also the cultural heritage of humanity, an archive of its historical memory. Students brought banknotes of different nations, and studied their history and interesting facts with the teachers.

And Temirgali Akhat, a journalist of «Banner of Labour» (Знамятруда) newspaper, was a guest at a club meeting on the theme of the Tea Party Culture of Kazakhstan, Russia, the UK and the United States. Students learned that the English consider tea with lemon real Russian tea, and tea with milk is traditionally English, although Kazakhs from ancient times prefer tea with milk and call it Kazakh. As part of the meeting, all present were invited to the ceremonies of the traditional English tea party.

This year, at one of the meetings, students developed the emblem «Polyglot», in which they expressed their vision of the club.

M.A. Baiteliyeva, S.A. Kenzhemuratova

«Foreign Languages» department teachers